Still have some questions about a few things? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below!

Yes! We are so proud of our hosting company and everything they provide for us that we don’t want to charge you a dime for it as long as you are paying monthly for your site. The domain name is free as well up to $50/year. If your domain name costs more than that, then you just pay the difference. 

If, however, you are not paying monthly for your site, either through the yearly payout or monthly management, there is a monthly charge of $20 for hosting and your domain name is at cost.

There are no hidden or annual fees associated with anything. There is a start up fee of either $149, $299 or $449 depending on the plan you purchase but that is just a 1 time fee. Other than that, the price you see is the price you pay. Guaranteed. 

All websites paying monthly are subject to a 1 year payment agreement. Once that year is up, your site is completely paid for. You do have the option to hop onto our monthly management plans. Those prices are as follows:

  • $69/month for Basic
  • $129/month for Professional
  • $199/month for Business. 

All monthly payments of any kind, including monthly management fees, are directly debited from your bank account automatically every month. 

Yes! If you decide to pay for the site all at once instead of over the course of a year, prices are as follows:

Basic: $1,500 ($288 Savings)

Professional: $3,200 ($388 Savings)

Business: $4,800 ($588 Savings)

  • Hosting and Domain Name Renewals
  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Site Security and Monitoring
  • Minor Content Changes (image changes, service, price, contact info updates) 
  • Software Upgrades
  • E-Commerce Product Additions (Business Plan)
  • Quarterly Google Reports (Business Plan)

Getting your site built fast is one of our top priorities. So depending on your package, it typically takes 30-45 days from the time we have all of the information from you. But if you need it in a rush, we can work something out!

The header of your website is the very first thing on your home page that a person sees when first visiting your website so it’s extremely important that your header displays your company properly. Something strong that brings value and a sense of style and sophistication that says to clients that you are amazing at what you do and here’s why. Have a look at some of our header mockups here.

If you want to expand your site after it is already built then we couldn’t be more happy to do it. Depending on the size of the project, we would charge an hourly rate range between $40-$70. 

We completely understand and are aware that sometimes financial hardships may occur and we are more than willing to work with you in whatever means necessary to keep your site up and running and to continue to propel your business forward. Just contact us and let us know and I’m sure we can work something out. 

The reports work like this. We install the Google Analytic Dashboard Plugin into your site and that monitors all of the traffic that comes in. After 90 days of collecting data, we then gather all of that information and send you a series of reports.

We do have 5 standard reports that we send out but if you want to request a specific report, just let us know and we’ll be happy to include them. Additional reports cost $25 per report. 

40% of visitors to your website will leave if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. The first thing we do is run a speed test to see just exactly what is slowing down your site and then we go from there. Typical things include:

  • Image Compression
  • Proper Caching
  • CSS/JS/HTML Minnification
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • Reducing Redirects
We typically see an increase in site speed of anywhere from 25% up to 75%. 

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for the growth of your business. Below is everything we incorporate to help increase your rankings:

  • Keyword research and placement for your industry
  • Image Compression
  • Google Map Integration
  • Sitemap Integration
  • Speed modifications
Keep in mind that SEO is a long term strategy with the average results (pending industry) taking anywhere from 9-12 months to take effect and to see changes. Even though that may sound like a long time, it is well worth it if you and your business are in it for the long haul!